Adult Bible Study is a New Testament discussion group that meets on Sunday mornings at 9:15 in the church library. The text we use, in addition to the Bible, is The New Daily Study Bible series by William Barclay. Those who wish to, take a turn reading the Bible verse and Barclay’s commentary and then we discuss it together. Each person’s viewpoint and life experience adds depth to our understanding of the passage. Meeting in the library allows us to use references to answer questions that come up during the class. In 2016, we are studying The Revelation of John.  No prior Bible study is required and you can attend on any Sunday that you are able.

Adult Bible Study is on vacation! We will resume on Rally Day, September 11th in the library. If the Bible happens to be the book on your lap at the beach this summer, read Revelation Chapters 1-11 and you will have caught up to where we left off at the end of June. Enjoy the summer sun and gentle breezes (okay, and the occasional rain shower) and we’ll see you in September!