What’s on my mind…
What comes next in the Presbytery design process? Presbytery approved the revised Policies and Procedures Manual
at its November meeting. Beginning as January 1, 2018, the work of the Presbytery Council is now taken on by
the Big Picture Team, and both expanded and focused as described here:

The Big Picture Team is responsible for the work of the whole Presbytery. The Big Picture Team includes
many of the functions, of the prior Presbytery Council including when necessary, acting on behalf of the Presbytery
between its meetings, primarily with respect to recommendations from the Board of Trustees regarding a congregation’s

The primary foci of the Big Picture Team are:
 Dreaming and Discerning: strategizing and making recommendations to the Presbytery, longer range planning,
identification and initial support of the New Worshipping Communities
 Engaging the three others teams in processes of evaluation and, where necessary, coordination
 Communication, both listening and sharing, with Presbytery members, commissioners, church members, the
Neighborhoods and the wider community, through social media and face-to-face gatherings
 Presbytery meetings and gatherings: for decision-making, education, building relationships, and spiritual nurture
The structure of the Big Picture Team will be designed by the Team to best accomplish its functions. The Team will
bring its design to the Presbytery for approval, allowing for experimentation, pilot projects, and collaborative work
across Teams and Neighborhoods of the Presbytery.
Members of the Big Picture Team will include both elected and appointed persons:
 A Convener nominated by the Moderator and Moderator-Elect from among its members and elected by the Team
 Officers of the Presbytery: Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Immediate Past Moderator, Treasurer (Ex-Officio), Stated
Clerk (Ex-Officio)
 Representatives from the Healthier Congregations Team (appointed by the Healthier Congregations Team’s Coordinating
Council), the Healthy Pastoral Leaders Team, and the Healthy Presbytery Team
 One representative appointed annually by each Neighborhood, serving up to 3 consecutive years
 Two at-large Members for Discerning and Dreaming (appointed annually by the Moderator, serving up to 3 consecutive
 Presbytery Leader (Ex-officio)
The Big Picture Team will include these Working Groups:
 Mission Linkages– relationships with designated Presbytery Missions including, but not limited to, Rochester
Presbyterian Home; Cameron Community Ministries; People’s Ministry in Christ; Camp Whitman; our Commissioners
to the Synod of the Northeast and Synod’s Mission and Ministry Council; the General Assembly, including
our Commissioners; Self-Development of People.
 Advocacy – working with Neighborhoods, Congregations and the Presbytery to claim our call as partners in the
global and local mission of justice and peace; advocate and work for systemic change to promote justice and
challenge forces that oppress people and the environment
 Interfaith and Ecumenical Relationships – through covenant agreements with groups such as the Greater Rochester
Community of Churches, the Rochester Interfaith Network Alive, campus ministries within our bounds, and
others to participate in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and life, and mission opportunities within the wider
community a member of the Big Picture Team will convene each Working Group of that team and serve as the
liaison to the Team. Other participants will be included as described above. We are now in the process of bringing
the Big Picture Team and its Working Groups together. If you are interested in serving on a Working Group,
please contact Heze Simmons or me.

Grace and peace to you in Advent!

Amy Fowler, Presbytery Leader