The First Presbyterian Church provides a Protestant communion service at Pinehurst Senior Living Center on the second Monday of each month at 6:15 pm.  All are welcome and all are invited to the table to share the Lord’s Supper. If you are unable to attend a Sunday worship service, this is an opportunity to worship informally together with elders in our community.

ECHO Program (Engaging Community Help in Outreach) – An ecumenical program
ECHO focuses on the HFL GED (Honeoye Falls-Lima General Equivalency Diploma) Program.

HFL GED Program
The GED Program continues to be the last, best hope for the many young people in the community who have struggled and failed within the normal system of education. This program is a collaborative partnership between the faith-based organization, Engaging Community Help in Outreach (ECHO) and the Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District. The program is run fairly independently of the school by Hillary (Patricia) Clark Quinlan who serves as teacher, mentor, and case-worker for students attending the program. It has proven to be a very successful program. GED classes meet in the church manse.