Join a Team!

Our teams/committees have dwindled in size over time, and you are invited to look over the team descriptions and decide how you would like to serve Christ within your church. There will be sign-up sheets on the session bulletin board in the hallway where you can indicate your interest. Descriptions of the teams are as follows:
Christian Education Team – Oversees adult, youth, and children’s educational ministries in partnership with the Christian Education Director(s). Oversees Senior High and Middle School Youth groups. Meets monthly.
Worship and Music Team – Oversees the worship and music ministry in partnership with the pastor and music leaders. Special worship services, seasonal worship services (Christmas, Easter…), ushers/greeters, lay readers, and candle lighters are among the responsibilities of the team. Meets Monthly.
Finance and Stewardship Team – Oversees the church finances in partnership with the session, the treasurer, assistant treasurer and the financial secretary. Prepares the annual budget, conducts the annual stewardship campaign, arranges for the annual financial review. Meetings are called as determined by the team.
Mission Team – Provides guidance and encouragement for the missions of the congregation. Advocates for special offerings (One Great Hour of Sharing, Christmas Joy Offering, Peace and Global Witness Offering). Oversees and develops the mission portion of the annual budget. Meetings are called as determined by the team.
Fellowship Team – Provides for the fellowship life of the congregation (special events, congregational dinners). Provides for orientation of new members, welcomes guests in worship and provides information about the life of the church, and encourages continued involvement of members. Does an annual review of the membership list. Makes
arrangements for church pictorial directories. Meets monthly.
Personnel Team (Currently Serving Elder is Chair) – The personnel team serves as a support for the church staff and is the go-to team for any concerns. Develops job descriptions, fills positions with assistance from session, works in conjunction with session on annual raises and healthcare options. Does annual reviews for all staff.
Building and Grounds Team – Provides for the upkeep and repair of the buildings and grounds. Organizes work crews (landscaping, painting, gutter cleaning, power washing, repairs, snow shoveling …) and follows a checklist for regular maintenance including heating and air conditioning. Does an annual walk-through of the buildings. Meets
Nominating Team (Currently Serving Elder is Chair) – Prepares the nominations for church officers (elders and deacons). The team also secures nominations to fill any unexpired terms, due to resignations, moves, or inability to continue serving. The Book of Order specifies that the chair be a currently serving elder. Other members of the team are: a representative of the deacons, and two at-large members of the congregation. Meetings are called and generally occur in the fall.
Scholarship Team – Invites active senior students to fill out a scholarship application in the spring. Makes decisions on scholarship awards and continuation of scholarships based on preset criteria including college grade point average. Encourages the congregation to contribute to the Scholarship Fund in support of our youth.

Stephen Ministry

Our congregation is blessed with three Stephen Ministers. Stephen Ministers are trained in listening and caring skills, so that they may come alongside a person (one-on-one) in a time of need. They are committed to providing at least one hour a week of compassionate care for a care receiver. Stephen Ministers serve only one care receiver at a time. Their calling is to provide presence, a caring heart, and a listening ear. Their calling is not to fix a person, or to direct a person’s growth, or to tell a person what to do. Built into the Stephen Minister’s heart and burned into their mind is the principle that “God is the cure-giver ~ we are the care-giver.”

Stephen Ministry functions with a Stephen Ministry Leader. During this interim period, we are seeking new leadership.

Board of Deacons

The ministry of a deacon is one of compassion and service, sharing the love of Christ with those who are sick, mourning, alone, unable to attend services because of age or illness, in need of a meal, or just some loving attention. They also participate in the celebration of marriages and new babies. Some of the ministries of the deacons are:

  • preparing and serving communion for worship services and at Pinehurst Senior Living Community
  • providing receptions and sometimes meals following funerals and memorial services
  • wedding coordinators (two for each wedding rehearsal and ceremony)
  • coffee hour twice a month following the worship service
  • sunshine cards and Christmas cards to brighten someone’s day
  • providing CD recordings of worship services when requested
  • prayer shawl ministry
  • prayer chain
  • care packages for college students

The Board of Deacons is in need of additional prayer shawls for its Prayer Shawl Ministry. If you would like to help out in this manner, please contact deacon Susan Worboys at either 624-9803 or


The session is the council for the local congregation and is composed of people elected by the congregation to serve as ruling elders. The session is responsible for assuring that the word of God may be preached and heard, that the Sacraments may be rightly administered and received, and that the covenant community of disciples of Christ are nurtured. (From the Book of Order: The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., 2013/2015)

Session Covenant

We, as the Session of the First Presbyterian Church of Honeoye Falls covenant to keep the following promises as we serve the congregation:

 Our promises to God:

    • The session answers to God, trusts God, follows Jesus, reaches out to everyone, and assists all;
    • Trusting that if we are doing God’s work, God will provide the resources,
    • Remaining in community and supporting one another even if we disagree,
    • Remembering that we are doing God’s work.

Our promises to each other as elders and to session:

    • To support each other
    • To be courteous
    • To be honest
    • To be open-minded
    • To agree to disagree with respect
    • To pray for decisions and for each other
    • To support and trust the decisions session has made, regardless of our personal opinion.
    • To maintain confidentiality; within session, the content of our discussion is confidential.

 Our Promises to the Congregation:

    • The session will respond with respect, fairness and confidentiality to congregational concerns.
    • We strive to be a model of understanding and respect, that we are all responsible for our own feelings and behaviors.
    • We will acknowledge, honor and respect persons who disagree and be willing to ask how session can help.
    • When we receive concerns by letter, e-mail, or verbally (prefer written), the clerk of session or designee will acknowledge receipt of the concern. The session will discuss the concern at the next  meeting, determine the appropriate next steps, communicate with correspondent at all appropriate points and keep him/her informed.
    • As a response to  concerns, the session or elder will respond:
      • “I am happy to share this concern with session, but I will have to share your name and others involved, with their permission.”
      • If a member is unwilling to share their name, session cannot respond due to lack of opportunity for face to face dialogue.
    • We will do our best to communicate, accurately and in a timely manner, the work that the session is doing.