Members of the session (elders), deacons and trustees, as well as the treasurer and financial secretary are elected by the congregation. Candidates must be active members of the First Presbyterian Church of Honeoye Falls. The church welcomes everyone to membership.

Elders and deacons are ordained into the church and are required to declare their willingness to be instructed by the confession of our church. Trustees, the treasurer and the financial secretary take an oath of dedication and commitment.

The individuals serving as treasurers are primarily responsible for maintaining the financial records of the church and making the appropriate disbursements. The treasurers are elected for a one-year term, but serving multiple terms is not an uncommon occurrence.

The financial secretary is responsible for receiving, recording and depositing all financial contributions to the church. The financial secretary is also elected for a one-year term. Multiple terms are permitted.

Staff 2016
Rev. David Ashby, Interim Pastor
Adam & Mindi Lewis, Co-Directors of Christian Education
Jan Dixon, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer
Michelle LaVarnway, Choir Director
Amy Gray, Bell Choir Director
Organist – Position to be filled
Kathleen Converse, Housekeeper
Sexton – Position to be filled  

Officers 2016
Martha Kumler, Clerk of Session
Sue Wiegand, Barb Mueller, Theresa Markham, Co- Chairs, Deacons
Chair, Trustees – Ken Gravenstede
Bruce Whitmore, Financial Secretary
Judy Plain, Corporate Treasurer

Session 2016
Margaret Bailey, Class of 2018
Amy Gray, Class of 2018
Brian Webster, Class of 2016
Phyllis Fritz, Class of 2016
Donna Hickling, Class of 2016
Rollo Hoffmeier, Class of 2018
Martha Kumler, Class of 2017
Chuck Goodman, Class of 2017
Pat Smith, Class of 2017
John Russell, Class of 2017

Deacons 2016
Barb Altonberg, Class of 2018
Betsy Cox, Class of 2016
Carol Hartman, Class of 2018
Ruth Hayes, Class of 2018
Terry Kosciol, Class of 2017
Theresa Markham, Class of 2016
Deb Milne-O’Brien, Class of 2016
Barb Mueller, Class of 2018
Brad Rivers, Class of 2017
Leslie Rowe, Class of 2017
Sue Wiegand, Class of 2016

Trustees 2016
Jacob Converse, Class of 2017
Greg Cox, Class of 2018
Ken Gravenstede, Class of 2016
Jeff James, Class of 2017
Ken Lewis, Class of 2016
Stan Worboys, Class of 2018
Jim York, Class of 2018